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The Community brings together driven financial professionals in Asia
in making a real difference in the financial industry and to clients.
  • Introduction

    Caproasia Community Program

    Caproasia Community Program is developed for financial professionals in Asia who advise clients and manage assets.  The Community provides opportunities to share, exchange, learn and grow among members.

    Caproasia Community Program brings together driven financial professionals in Asia in making a real difference in the financial industry and to clients.  

    The Community Program is free to join.

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  • The Community

    The Community

    Financial Professionals who manage assets or advise clients

    • Advisors
    • Specialists
    • Management


    Banking, Private Banking, Private Wealth Management, External Asset Management, Multi-Family Office, Single Family Office, Independent FA, Insurance, Fund Management, Asset Management, Investment Banking, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Brokerage and more

    Job Titles

    Private Bankers, Private Wealth Managers, Priority Bankers, Personal Bankers, Relationship Managers, Financial Advisors, Wealth Managers, External Asset Managers, Family Office Advisors, Investment Advisors, Treasury Specialists, Insurance Specialists, Wealth Specialists, Estate Specialists, Analysts, Portfolio Managers, Fund Managers, Hedge Fund Managers, Investment Bankers, Private Equity Specialists, Chief Investment Officers, Chief Economists, Team Leaders, Desk Heads, Market Heads, Product Heads, Head of Wealth and more … …

  • Why Join

    Why Join the Community

    • For You
    • For Your Clients
    • For Us
    • For Financial Industry
    • For Financial Community
    • For Asia

  • How it Works

    How the Community Works

    1. General

    • Provide Feedbacks
    • Assist in Research
    • Build up Knowledge Base
    • Ask Questions
    • Request Information, Research, Product Development

    2. Share

    • Be Speakers / Panelists at Events / College
    • Be Mentors to Fresh Graduates / Professionals
    • Be Mentors to Caproasia Team

    3. More

    • Help us during your Garden Leave
    • Help us to recruit People

  • The Conversation

    The HNW, UHNW, Billionaire Advisor Conversation

    • “ Are your clients affected by new laws and regulations “
    • “ My client is having a major dispute with his family members on inheritance “
    • “ My client is looking for acquisition “
    • “ Is your client looking to sell his business? “
    • “ My client is looking to IPO his company “
    • “ My client might have a legal proceeding against his company & private asset “
    • “ My client is looking to invest into European companies “
    • “ My bank can’t do this deal. Can your bank do it? “
    • “ My client needs financing or equity investment into his new business “
    • “ My client is looking to lease or sell his Private Jet “
    • “ Do you have any contacts in Brazil or Mexico? “
    • “ Some of my clients are impacted by United Nations embargo “

  • FAQs



    • How can I get involved in my client’s IPO?
    • How can I build a high quality and sustainable relationship with client?
    • How can I value add to client?
    • How can I exit my clients illiquid assets?
    • How can I build more network for my client?


    • How do I find clients?
    • How can I get more referrals?
    • Where do I find the next billionaire?
    • How can I increase my AUM?
    • How can I increase revenue?


    • Where do I get the most relevant information?
    • Which financial knowledge or services should I build up?
    • Do I learn only when my client needs it?
    • What should I do when a crisis happens?
    • What should I do when my client faces a lawsuit?


    • How do I build a sustainable career?
    • Should I be an advisor or specialist?
    • Should I set up my own firm?
    • When should I set up my own firm?
    • Where can I get a mentor?

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