Caproasia Professional
Intelligence application for financial professionals


Caproasia Professional is an intelligence application developed for financial professionals such as Private bankers, Private Wealth Managers, Investment Advisors, Portfolio Managers, Desk Heads, Team Leaders, CEOs and CIOs. It is exclusive only for financial professionals who manage assets or advise clients so you won’t have clients, middle-office or back-office colleagues having access to this application. 

This application provide you with the most relevant information, saving you incredible amount to time on research so that you can focus on managing assets or advising your clients.  

In Hong Kong and Singapore, there are an estimated 7,500 Private Bankers while in Singapore alone, there are more than 200,000 finance professionals in which more than 22,000 are wealth & investment professionals. We have a geographical and institutional limit to provide our early users exclusive advantage in being able to access high quality information. 

FAQ – Caproasia Professional

1. What is Caproasia Professional?

Caproasia Professional is an intelligence application for financial professionals.

2. Who uses Caproasia Professional?
Private Bankers, Private Wealth Managers, Financial Advisors, Family Office Advisors, Investment Advisors, Treasury Specialists, Portfolio Managers, Team Leaders, Desk Heads, Head of Wealth, Head of Investments, CEOs, CIOs and many more.

The profiles are financial professionals who advise clients or manage assets or manage advisors, specialists or management that ranges from $20 million to $3 billion.

3. Why Caproasia Professional?
You save lots of time from doing research for professional information or logging onto multiple platforms for information.

4. What is the advantage of Caproasia Professional?
Millions of clients and students may have access to Bloomberg, Reuters, FT, WSJ. Caproasia Professional is exclusive only for financial professionals.

5. What is the price to access Caproasia Professional?
Please contact your regional representative for more pricing details or to join our pilot program.

6. Why should I subscribe to Caproasia Professional?
Caproasia Professional is an intelligence application that is exclusive only for financial professionals. It gives you the most relevant information savings you lots of time from doing intensive research and logging onto multiple platforms.

7. How do you compare the cost of Caproasia Professional?
We price Caproasia Professional to support financial professionals in an affordable and sustainable journey. Most research reports, intelligence solutions or research platforms are priced at $3,000 to $50,000. Please contact your regional representative for more pricing details or to join our pilot program.

8. I am already swarmed with too much information.
Much of the information that you received are not relevant or have a perspective that is unchallenged. We provide only information, facts and statistics. Our goal is to give you high quality information you can trust and rely on.

9. Are you credible?
Caproasia has a strong focus on research and is a leading authority for information in Asia. Caproasia had been approached by the world’s leading companies for information and research including media partnerships with authoritative global financial news provider such as Financial Times and research providers such as Morningstar.

Since the launch of in 2015, it has been followed by leading financial professionals in Asia including a subscriber base of 4,000 + and annual page views in excess of 800,000 in 2017. Our research and education content are also ranked highly on leading search engines such as Google and Yahoo, as a result of our unrivalled focused on research and education. Visit

10. When can I start using Caproasia Professional?
You can start using Caproasia Professional as our early users after you sign up. There is a geographical and institutional access limit. This means there will be restricted number of users in our identified countries and companies in the early phase.
We encourage you to meet our regional representative to introduce Caproasia Professional and Caproasia Series to you.  We wish you an exciting and successful journey as a financial professional managing assets and advising clients in Asia.